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Visit www.maison.work and seach for an office near you that suits your needs and helps you strengthen your business.

What we do

maison.work is the easiest way to find and rent out vacant desks in shared offices. Typically, offices either have too much or too little space.We solve the problem of businesses with vacant space by simplifying renting out and finding desks via our platform.


Desks available in all of Switzerland

01 — Target group oriented advertising

There is no confusion – the platform maison.work is all about desks and rooms in shared offices. Nothing else.

02 — No running costs, no risk

Generally all additional costs are all included in the rent.

03 — Easy to use, full safety

From looking/searching, to finding an office, to signing the rental contract and handling rental payments. Our platform supports you at every stage.


Bürogemeinschaft in Luzern

Shared office communities

In shared office communities you'll be able to find a desk or private office from one month upwards. But don't underestimate the community aspect – you might rent in a community you'll never want to leave.

Workstation in shared office

Fixed desks and private offices

For some it makes more sense to rent fixed desks instead of a private room. For others the opposite is true. A heathy and supportive environment is crucial, whichever you choose it has to fit your company.

Meetingroom in Gemeinschaftsbüro in Basel

Access to the infrastructure you want

When starting out it is crucial to have good communication with your team. But sometimes that is hard if you all sit in the same room and can not go out for a session or meeting. Most communities on maison.work offer this infrastructure.

community area in shared office

Community zones and areas

Talking about the environment, having a social area is something that is valuable as well. But not all offices can offer this. If you feel like this is something your next office needs, then consider one of the coworking spaces or bigger shared offices on maison.work.

Get in touch

We are always happy to help! Seriously nothing makes us happier than speaking to our users. Reach out on: [email protected] or visit our site and contact us there.

roof top terras from shared office

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